Courier services

You can choose between several express mail delivery services.

We deliver your goods, in Belgium and all over the Europe, in the fastest possible way by road.

Our work policy is geared towards a professional and dedicated service to fully meet the needs of your customers. You can be assured that your documents and parcels will be delivered safely and on time.

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FastX Courrier offers you an exclusive, direct and personalized express mail service. Our professional drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always on the road for you.


Our national service offers you the certainty of next day delivery, before 6pm, provided the goods were picked-up in the afternoon.


Picked-up your goods will be delivered all over the Europe at the date and time you have requested.

Medical Express

Having air-conditioned cars, FastX provide you a secure transport for all your medicinal products, resulting from the biological research (cells culture, biopsies etc) and all other products which require a constant temperature.


For your most important shipments!

FastX specializes in securing a fast and safe delivery for our customers’ goods. Our GPS integrated system enables up to send your way our nearest driver.

In Benelux,parcels are delivered within a maximum of 3 hours after being picked-up*, depending on the region.

Packages for the rest of Europe are delivered immediately after pick-up, time delivery depending on the distance.

* max. 45 min. from your order.



Anderlecht, Audergem, Berchem St.-Agathe, Etterbeek, Evere, Forest, Gandshoren, Ixelles, Jette, Koekelberg, Laeken, Molenbeek, Neder-over-Hembeek, St. Gilles, St. Josse, Schaerbeek, Uccle, Watermal-Boitsfort, Woluwe-St.-Lambert, Woluwe-St.-Pierre.


Diegem, Drogenbos, Dilbeek, Grand-Bigard, Kraainem, Machelen, Ruisbroek, St. Peters Leuw, Strombek Bever, Vilvoorde, Wemmel, Zaventem, Zellik, Alsemberg, Grimbergen, Itterbeek, Kortenberg, Linkebeek, Lot, Meise, Melsbroek, Nossegem, Rode St. Genèse, Sterrebeek, Tervueren, Wezembeek Opem, Wolvertem, Bersel, Duisberg, Hoeillart, Humbeek, Huizingen, Molem, Overijse, Vosem.


Le reste de la Belgique et L’Europe.


From ZONE I to ZONE I:
0 to 25kg – 15,00 €
25 to 250kg – 20,00€
250 to 500kg – 30,00€

From ZONE I to ZONE II: fixed price ZONE I + price per Km one way*
From ZONE II to ZONE II: fixed price ZONE I + price per Km round trip**
From ZONE I to ZONE III: price per Km round trip**
From ZONE II to ZONE III: fixed price ZONE I + price per Km round trip**
From ZONE III to ZONE III: price per Km round trip from 1000-Bruxelles***

Price per km:

from 0 to 100kg – 0,50€/km
from 100 to 500kg – 0,80€/km
from 7pm to 6am, weekends and holidays (from 0 to 500kg) – 1,00€/km.

Fuel surcharge 2018: 15%
Waiting time: 15 min. free then 10 euro/15 min.

* from sender to receiver.
** from sender to receiver + return to sender.
*** from Grand’ Place, 1000-Brussels, to sender and receiver + return to Grand’ Place, 1000-Brussels.


ZONE I: 10€
ZONE II: 15€


Please contact FastX for more details +32 78 055 501